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Health Innovation Exchange: HIEx partners with UNTIL to launch report on Diversity and Inclusion in tech

Tech companies that build diverse and inclusive workforces are more successful and companies which aren’t diverse and inclusive are at risk of perpetuating biases and power imbalances. These are the main findings of a report released today by the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL) in Finland, developed in partnership with UNAIDS and the Health Innovation Exchange.

The report, called “Inclusion and Diversity: Tech It or Leave IT” is the first report produced by the UNTIL Lab in Finland. Its main findings are that employment in the tech industry worldwide remains dominated by males but companies which invest and recruit women and minority staff at every level of their company function better, produce products that are appealing to more people and earn higher revenues.

“Technology is vital for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals but innovations that rely on the inputs of narrow groups of people are missing a huge opportunity to move the world ahead faster,” said Razi Latif, Lab Manager for UNTIL Finland.

The report, whose launch was timed to coincide with SLUSH19, aims to spur discussion during the annual giant technology innovation conference about the merits and importance of diversity and inclusion.

Click here to read the report: